Milan | November 14-15, 2017

1° Giornata, 07 novembre 2016




Welcome Remarks & Keynote


Gianpaolo Lorusso, Founder, ADworld Experience (Chairman of the event & moderator of the Converting Session)
Ale Agostini, Managing Director , Bruce Clay Europe (Moderator of the Tracking Session)


Applying Digital Analytics to Conversion

Digital analytics combines science and art while conversion optimization is the application of that skill set. Jim reviews digital analytics from a people, process and technology perspective and then describes a variety of techniques, tricks and tips to improve your conversion rate, including some suggestions on why that might not be the best metric to judge success.


Jim Sterne, Chairman, Digital Analytics Association


Parallel Session

Tracking: Universal KPI

Come orientare l’analisi e l’ottimizzazione della comunicazione online alla misurazione del ROI tramite una corretta pianificazione e selezione degli strumenti.


Marco Volpe, Owner, Volpe Marco

Converting: E-commerce avanzato e Modelli di attribuzione

Casi pratici di set-up del tracking e-commerce avanzato in Analytics per un’analisi accurata del funnel di acquisto al fine di migliorare tassi di conversione e l’ottimizzazione di campagne di advertising.


Luca Rabboni, Digital Analytics Specialist , Optimize


Parallel Session

Tracking: Measuring SEO efforts

Best practices, tools & tips to better measure Search Engine Optimization activities to improve the process and to get better results


Aleyda Solis, International SEO Consultant, Orainti

Converting: Personalizzare per convertire

Quando il testing non basta. Casi concreti di segmentazione degli utenti per offrire contenuti personalizzati che convertono


Enrico Pavan, Consulente e formatore, specializzato in Digital Analytics e Conversion Rate Optimization,


Parallel Session

Tracking: Advanced analytics tricks

Le tre informazioni chiave che devi tracciare correttamente in Analytics per poter prendere decisioni di business data-driven (in collaborazione con Altura Labs).


Gabriele Rapino, Head of Digital Consulting, DataBeat

Converting: Are we in control of our online decisions?

A comprehensive user behavior study based on Clicktale’s clients to reveal how people make decisions online and what types of factors influence their decision-making process.


Liraz Margalit, PhD, is a Web psychologist and Director of Behavioral analytics, ClickTale


Networking Break


Parallel Session

Tracking: Segmentation & Programmatic

Simple yet powerful tactics to help your Digital Marketing team structure your Programmatic Advertising in a way that maximizes the Return On Investments


Greg Sobiech, Founder & Managing Partner, Delve

Converting: CRO per il Business to Business

Come migliorare i tassi di conversione quando i numeri e le regole del gioco non sono più quelle del mondo consumer


Alessandro Martin, Head of SEO & Conversion Optimizer,


Parallel Session

Tracking: Data Visualization Tip & Tricks

L’importanza di presentare i dati per renderli più comprensibili. Scopriamo insieme le regole aure del data Storytelling.


Filippo Trocca, Head of Digital Intelligence, 3rdPLACE

Converting: How to compete against the Big Ones

Learn how to beat Amazon, Zalando etc. by understanding how to motivate your visitors and by competing on parameters where the big ones suck!


Mogens Møller, CEO & Co-founder, Sleeknote


Networking Break


Parallel Session

Tracking: Advanced Segmentation

Segmentare in maniera intelligente i visitatori può far impennare le conversioni. Due casi di studio di segmentazioni che hanno portato a un incremento del tasso di conversione del 300%


Mattia Soragni, Founder, MagnetProfile

Converting: Persuasion Science

How to use persuasion to improve your Conversion Rates


Bart Schutz, Senior Online Strategist, Conversion Optimizer & Managing Partner, Online Dialogue


Parallel Session

Tracking: APP Analytics

Come misurare le App: analytics su tre livelli. Il caso studio di un applicazione per la prenotazione di visite mediche.


Paolo Zanzottera, Co-Founder,

Converting: Advanced CRO: beyond the tactics

An effective CRO strategy has to be well-grounded in the sciences of analytics, marketing and psychology, inspecting the factors impacting on how visitors interact with a site.


Khalid Saleh, CEO, Invesp


Parallel Session

Tracking: Tag Manager

Perchè Google Tag Manager ti serve di più di quanto credi. Alcuni casi di studio e alcune configurazioni particolarmente “furbe”.


Matteo Zambon, Partner, In Risalto

Converting: Optimizing for Ad Conversions

Can we take the traditional landing page conversion formula and applying it to ad copy? Yes, and it works!


Purna Virji, Senior Bing Ads Client Dev. & Training Specialist, Microsoft Bing


Networking Break


Parallel Session

Tracking: Metriche video su You Tube

Quali sono le metriche realmente importanti in You Tube e come si può tenerle sotto controllo tramite YT Analytics.


Anna Covone, Consulente, TuttosuYouTube

Converting: CRO in action

4 practical and affordable analytics and A/B-testing set-up examples that will make you earn more money.


Ton Wesseling, Fondatatore, Testing.Agency e Online Dialogue


Parallel Session

Tracking: Tracking users in ecommerce

Tracking consumer journeys and adapting your online presence to it makes the difference between having a successful business or disappear.


Andraž Štalec, CEO and Co-founder of , Red Orbit

Converting: La ricerca è la base della CRO

Il processo da seguire per migliorare le conversioni (dove i test AB sono solo la punta dell’iceberg).


Rosario Toscano, Head of CRO, Moca Interactive


Parallel Session

Tracking: Actionable Insight

10 step indispensabili per ottenere informazioni fondamentali e gestire il proprio business online senza perdersi in inutili analisi.


Alessio Semoli, Co-founder e Presidente , Prana Ventures

Converting: Reporting or optimizing?

How to focus your analytics effort on continuous experimentation that produce fantastic results and not only reports


John Ekman, Founder, Conversionista!


A 6 step action plan to jumpstart the growth of your site

Discover the power of observing and listening to your users and receive tips and real life examples of how you can grow your site based on the insights of over 11 years of experience in testing across multiple industries.


David Darmanin, CEO and founder, Hotjar

Beer Time


Una birra con Adam Singer

Sessione di domande e risposte libere con il Google Analytics Evangelist, Adam Singer, …e birra o soft drink gratuiti per tutti i partecipanti.


Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate, Google


End of the day

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